Britney Spears hates her fans.

Salvador Dali taking his Anteater for a walk, Paris 1969.

Salvador Dali taking his Anteater for a walk, Paris 1969.


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why do you hate on britney tho?

I love Britney and I recognize her personal struggles but…her personality is funny and I’m not going to stop calling her out like I would call out any other person just because she’s pretty and famous and has a large fan base.

so, the point of this flop blog is...???

for you to choke on my big black clit

have you seen her recent performances? she looks a lot more energetic and she's got some of her fire back tbh

Nah. She’s as stiff and lip-synched as ever. Care to show evidence to the contrary?

Really????!!!!! Oh how mature Britney loves her fans and that's a fact!!! If she didn't then how would she be in this business! Who wouldn't love the ppl who worship the ground you walk on!!!!!????

just look at her ustream after 5 minutes she was like that’s enough for me lmao









I was wondering how “Slave 4 U” is arranged for her Vegas show and if she does the dance breakdown… This was saddest thing I’ve seen today @ 2:12.

Look how uninterested she looks to be there! Smh. I wonder if people were expecting this when they bought their tickets.

I honestly believe she’s only doing this for her sons. There is no energy at all and the dancing is so damn simple too.

I usually think yall just being shady but

She looked like she didnt want to be there

She looked like she was that one girl in the audition that couldnt dance but still trying out 

She looked like her bones hurt

She looked like she needed a bathroom break 

poor thang. 


this is horrible.

she looks incredibly uncomfortable 

I can’t watch this…my heart hurts