Britney Spears hates her fans.

Apr 06

grotesquediva asked: so, the point of this flop blog is...???

for you to choke on my big black clit

Mar 31

Anonymous asked: have you seen her recent performances? she looks a lot more energetic and she's got some of her fire back tbh

Nah. She’s as stiff and lip-synched as ever. Care to show evidence to the contrary?

Jan 12

Anonymous asked: Really????!!!!! Oh how mature Britney loves her fans and that's a fact!!! If she didn't then how would she be in this business! Who wouldn't love the ppl who worship the ground you walk on!!!!!????

just look at her ustream after 5 minutes she was like that’s enough for me lmao

Jan 09


Dec 26

Dec 25

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Dec 22

slugspice asked: This blog is iconic

#iconic #myimpact