Britney Spears hates her fans.
I know it's not really what this blog is about, but do you know anything about how those fans got to meet her on the Femme Fatale Tour? Was it part of a VIP Package or something like that? Thanks x

Yeah, there were special meet and great tickets that you could buy. The VIP package came with the tour album that you see some of the fans holding as well as a picture and a good seat. I heard they peaked at about $1,000, though.

She's probably just tired. Also, maybe she holds her hands that way to physically discourage people from touching her. If I were Britney Spears, I wouldn't want a ton of people who I don't know hugging me right before I went on stage.

she’s tired before she goes onstage yeah ok

and i don’t know, if people wanted to meet me THAT bad and they were my fans i would put my arm around them and smile a little more enthusiastically if I were her

she’s a normal person like anybody else, just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she should be held to lower standards when it comes to meeting people

are you a britney spears fan?

You have no idea.

why did you make this blog anyways?
you assume everyone who says they like this blog hates britney, so you write pretty b/tchy ass things about them .
And when it comes to her die-hard fans who say that Britney Spears DOESN'T hate her fans (which apparently you are) you disagree and still come off hella rude.

you’re a moron

that’s just a funny title, i don’t really think she hates her fans and even if she did i wouldn’t know and you wouldn’t know either! clearly she has problems when it comes to meeting them and no, as a matter of fact a lot of my followers love britney like i do. i just made this because i found the pictures pretty humorous and sad at the same time given the amount you have to spent to get a lean-in and a fake smile

and when it comes to the gaga-loving followers yeah i get a little mad because they obviously just like this blog because they love gaga and hate britney (even though i like them both)

shut up goddamn i’m not answering any more of these retarded asks

lol this is hilarious. good job

i know, thanks!

I just want to say something. Why do you feel the need to do this? After all the shit she went through, I'd also be fucking nervous around people. In fact, her assistant spoke about the awkward looking pictures, she said that when fans are freaking out and crying, it makes her really nervous, the fans who are calm and nicer get great pics with her, look at breaktheradar's page. She was told that and got a great picture with Brit.

I'm not here to hate on you, because it's obvious you're insecure about yourself.

i love all these “fans” giving me free psychological evaluations, it’s amazing

you’re probably breaktheradar

anyway i don’t consider that a great picture i mean the awkward half lean-in, the fake smile, the folding her hands in front of her…. google pictures of other meet and greets and you’ll see how bad her pictures actually are in comparison

like i said, if she feels like this, don’t do meet and greets for 1000 dollars where the fans get barely any acknowledgement

i’m probably a bigger Britney fan than that sexmebritney dumbass anyway

even if it were just because they don’t “say cute things to her” or were too starstruck or something that’s no reason to act like she does at the meet and greets i mean they’re her fans who paid 1000 dollars to meet her, it’s not like they’re gonna pull a knife on her or something, if she feels that way she shouldn’t do them

maybe shes a germaphobe? maybe she has a condition where she has to keep her hands in front of her while meeting people?

she could be a germaphobe although judging from those breakdown 07-08 days when she would walk barefooted into a gas station bathroom with her hair in a bun and a dirty tanktop holding a cup from taco bell it doesn’t seem very likely.

Plus the social anxiety thing is weird too because when she gives those guys lapdances on the Femme Fatale tour they’re total strangers and she seemed to be doing just fine…

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seriously whoever made this what kind of sad life do you live?

the kind where i answer dumb anonymous questions like these